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Winter Design Ideas to Follow for Your Next Interior Project: November Update

Hello lovely people!

October has a habit of whizzing past every year. Perhaps it’s because we all start spending more time indoors, we huddle a little closer together as the temperature begins to plummet, and the nights start to draw in earlier and stretch on for longer. Whatever the reason for its rapid passing, I feel as though I’ve blinked and suddenly found myself in November. It’s time to face the chilly days and darker mornings, and kick-start plans for a cosy, comforting yet proactive winter by thinking about your winter Interiors .

So, as I begin piling on the layers and pulling my favourite scarves out of storage, begin looking forward to getting the log burner and - dare I say - making plans for the festive season, it’s time for another news rundown from me and more insights into what’s keeping Hannah busy this month!

Winter-proofing and Cold Snap Prepping

It’s thankfully been something of a mild autumn so far (although the rain is coming down in sheets outside my window as I type this), but there’s no real telling what kind of winter lies ahead.

There have been the usual sensationalised news stories about another ‘Beast from the East’ on the horizon, but it’s hard to know which weather reports to believe… not least in and around Bristol, where our peculiar microclimate never ceases to surprise.

One thing’s for sure, however - no matter what the weather outside is doing, it’s never a bad idea to tackle fuel price rises and increase energy efficiency at home. Whether that means a radical overhaul of your home’s insulation or taking simple steps to draught-proof doors and windows, it’s well worth levelling up the cosy vibes however possible.

Easy warming fixes include:

  • Getting your boiler serviced to ensure better efficiency and effectiveness

  • Investing in some heavyweight curtains to create a warmer ambience and trap heat in your room

  • Insulate your windows and doors with draught excluders and insulation tape

  • Bleed your radiators

  • Layer up rugs and soft throws

  • Pulling sofas and other large furniture away from your radiators

Exciting News From Me!

Image of the Bristol Property Awards 2023 Logo.  Blue brick with the writing Finalist and Bristol Property Awards 2023
Hannah Redden Finalist in the Bristol Property Awards 2023

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ve been named as runner up in the Bristol Property Awards under the Residential Interior category. It’s always fantastic to be recognised by such a brilliant awards scheme, and I’m truly grateful for the nomination. I can’t wait to celebrate the awards night later this month down at Ashton Gate, and have a night of networking and catching up with all the other winners and nominees.

Winter Classes for your Calendar

I’ve had a wonderful year of hosting classes and workshops, getting to know a whole new community of design-oriented people and creating some truly memorable items while sharing ideas, stories and aspirations.

I’m pleased to say there are plenty more classes and events coming up, and if you’d like to join me for a workshop or session, I’d encourage you to book now - places are limited and selling out fast!

The Bristol Folk House Interior Design Course is now fully booked. Missed out this time? Be sure to stay tuned for 2024 dates, which I’ll be announcing soon. I’m happy to reveal that two more terms are already booked in, and places will be available for booking from early November.

There are still spaces available in a few of my popular lampshade workshops, in which you can design your own lampshade to express your unique style and personality. Dates include:

  • November Friday 3rd (please note, there has been a change of plan with this one. This is now a 'Large Lampshade' workshop). Four spots free - At Creative Space, North Street BS3

  • November Thursday 30th - 'Small Lampshade' Workshop - two spots free at Creative Space, North Street BS3

  • December Sunday 10th - Small or Large Lampshade workshops at The Bristol Folk House, with spaces available for both workshops

What Hannah Did Next - Interior Client Updates

Time for a project update! My fabulous Clevedon project is coming along nicely, and it’s been a fascinating one to immerse myself in. The tiled floor is now being laid and a beautiful gallery wall is being planned - it’s looking fantastic!

Family Dining space having tiled herringbone flooring laid
Interior Design project mid way through the process.

We’re using Fenwick and Tillbrook lime render paint to create a specialised breathable aspect on the restored stone, which is just one example of the kind of attention to detail going into this project. Another would be the amount of incredible bespoke carpentry being created, with custom-made storage solutions for the family’s outdoor activities paraphernalia as well as all the children’s toys and a very special seating area. It’s wonderfully inspiring to see the commitment to craftsmanship and artisanal design running through the heart of this project, and I can’t wait to share more tidbits and photos with you soon.

My Home Build Journey

Well, my home is gradually getting there! It’s been a long journey but the home strait is just about coming into view, which is hugely exciting - especially as we’re now focusing on some of the really significant aspects of the project that make an impactful difference i.e. the windows went in last week and have transformed the space!

We’ve now been told that the builders are moving downstairs during the month of November, and this means that the mammoth task of knocking through the rear of the space is about to get underway. This is going to transform the overall look and feel of the entire house, and allows me to start really envisioning how to both utilise the larger space, and make sure it stays warm. I love big old houses… but nobody likes a draughty home!

Master Loft Bedroom / Loft small Bedroom / Loft Shower Room

Have a wonderful November, and I hope to see you at a workshop or class soon.

Until the next time,

Hannah x


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