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BLOOM - Bringing Life, Originality, and Optimism to a Makeover. Home Renovation story.

The daffodils and crocuses are poking their way through the grass, there’s the occasional flash of warmth in the air and the days are stretching out a little longer… that’s right, it really is starting to feel as though spring is round the corner!

It’s always a special time of year. While I love the cosy hygge of the wintertime, when there’s ample opportunity for snuggling on the sofa and wrapping up in comforting layers, there’s something exciting about the first flourishes of spring. It’s a time of renewal in all senses of the word, and the perfect opportunity to dive headfirst into fresh projects with enthusiasm, vigour and a refreshed sense of purpose. It also sees the welcome return of vibrant colours to our design palettes and the world around us; from fresh flowers to vivid prints and patterns, it’s a treat for the senses no interior designer can help looking forward to throughout the colder months. 

In the true spirit of spring, I’m delighted to share with you some details of a recent project that really encapsulated the idea of renewal and finding new purpose in a living space. 

Eva contacted me a while ago with a burning idea in her mind, perfect for a spring project to get stuck into. She’d decided it was high time for her basement living room to realise its full potential, as for too long, it has floundered as little more than functional space in which to watch TV. Like so many living spaces, it had become somewhere taken for granted, devoid of life, character and all the energy and great features that interior design can reveal. 

1. IDEA: Interior Design for Energising Atmosphere in a home renovation

Right from the first consultation and all the way through to the final reveal, I was keen to make sure that every detail, every selected artwork, every use of colour and every accessory was meticulously chosen with one factor in mind: this space deserved to reflect Eva’s outgoing personality and creative lifestyle. Now complete, I’m as delighted with the result as she is. The transformation of what was an uninspiring basement living space into an elegant, vibrant room that was not only a functional environment in which to spend time, but a beautiful one capable of elevating everyday living. 

2. Prior to the renovation of the living room.

Before images

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Faye from Faye Hedges Photo for capturing this project, its details and its essence, which shine through the images you can see on this blog. She really manages to showcase what a special project it was - that vibrancy and burst of life really lets its presence be known in the combination of the wall colour (Hague Blue) and the ceiling colour (Arsenic) from the ever-thrilling Farrow & Ball collection. These stunning hues bring a real sense of timeless elegance to the space, balancing somewhere between the vintage and avant-garde that I frankly can’t get enough of!

3. Showcasing the family living room makeover, enhancing the colour and brightness of a basement living area.

After shots

In this project for Eva, as always, the devil is in the details. I was really taken by the rich colour and opulent size of the Denver sofa from Swoon - it really complements the overall look and feel of the room as somewhere perfect for relaxing, enjoying a homemade cocktail or cup of tea, and making plans for the days and months ahead. The rug from Ruggable further cements that timeless allure, and the playful use of framed art prints definitely bring Eva’s creative and quirky character into the space. 

For me, great interior design has the ability to utterly transform a space, ensuring that the rooms in which we live have the chance to showcase what makes us special and unique. I think you’ll agree that Eva’s living room achieves that goal and more.

All that’s left to say? Bring on the springtime, and let’s make it one bursting with colour, life and big ideas that lead to new adventures. I can’t wait to share more with you soon!

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