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Spring is in the air…

The mercury is slowly creeping up the thermometer, the sunshine is peeking through the clouds a little more, and walks through the neighbourhood are brightened by those first signs of spring: purple crocus petals in the park, nodding daffodils, brighter mornings and longer afternoons, and more people emerging from their homes to enjoy the day.

It’s always a joyful time of year. After a winter characterised by some pretty severe cold snaps, feeling spring springing upon us is a real cause for celebration. All might not be quite right in the world, but that perhaps gives us more opportunity to be thankful for the little things.

When it comes to our homes, spring brings with it the perfect opportunity to look at our rooms, spaces and gardens afresh. Nobody wants to redecorate in the depths of winter, but now with more daylight hours upon us, it’s hard not to want to revel in the ‘out with the old, in with the new’ attitude that this season seems to present.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to declutter, pick out new bright colours for your walls or just introduce some fresher, zippier interior design ideas to your home… Well, there’s simply no time like the present. Spring cleaning might be a cliche, but it’s one that feels so right when March rolls around. I’d

add that it’s the ideal month in which to not only set grander plans and designs in motion, but also to make those all-important little changes that keep our homes fresh, dynamic and reflective of our personalities. Throw open the curtains, let the sunlight pour in, and have a good think about what your favourite rooms are missing!

Of course, this same attitude extends to the garden. Our gardens tend to get a bit neglected through the winter, but once spring arrives, there’s no excuse not to get your hands dirty and start sprucing the place up a bit! Now’s the time to start planting bulbs and getting things ready for summer. The new moon is upon us, and whether you’re looking for row upon row of tulips to admire, wild flowers to encourage some biodiversity or fruits and vegetables to share with the family, it’s time to get busy with a trowel and a packet of seeds.

I’ve got plenty of exciting plans for the season, and I can’t wait to share some of them with you. For now, however, let’s embrace the change and welcome back the sun. Here’s to new life, positive changes and the endless inspiration it brings.

I'm back running my 'Lampshade Making Workshops' with this months booked up, do check out my other upcoming dates here.


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