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Let’s get our homes Autumn Interior Ready!

Well, summer is almost over once again. Despite a few sunny days here and there - the sunshine is currently pouring through my windows as I write this, providing some much-missed warmth and joy - it hasn’t exactly been the most glorious as far as the weather goes.

The good news? Autumn, my much-loved season of mist and mellow fruitfulness, is just about starting to make its arrival felt. The bushes are hanging heavily with jewel-like blackberries, the nights are just starting to draw in a little earlier, and the inspiration this most colourful and comforting of seasons brings is already beginning to fill my colour palettes and mood boards. Lets talk about getting your home autumn Interior ready for the colder months ahead.

Hannah Reddens, autumnal table setting at her Bristol home

Hannah Reddens, autumnal table setting at her Bristol home
Autumnal table setting


Autumn is nature’s way of gently easing us into the colder months that lie ahead, providing ample opportunity to get things in order for winter. At this time of year, I love to add extra warmth and cosy dimensions to my home interior with throws and blankets draped throughout my living room, and swapping out lightweight curtains for heavier fabrics - perfect for keeping the cold at bay!

Simple switch-ups, like adding rugs and carpets to the floor, are ideal for insulating rooms and bringing a bit of additional hygge to the home, and the darker evenings can be illuminated with blissful candlelight. Those looking to level up their autumn decor credentials even further can bring classic seasonal touches to their space; foliage displaying those beautiful warm colours, pumpkins, evergreen indoor plants or cuttings and other natural decorations always seem to do the trick.

Tackling the cost of living this Autumn

It’s at this time of year that the cost of living, and especially the steep rise in utility costs can really start to bite. I’m recommending that everybody considers investing in a smart thermostat to stay on top of their energy bills, while maintaining a comfortable temperature at home. If you haven’t already, be sure to get your boiler or log burner serviced to maintain their efficiency throughout the winter, and get busy with the sealant and draught excluders to keep the warmth inside and avoid wasting heat and energy.

My family has recently been looking into taking things a whole step further, and we’re currently shopping around for solar panels to provide renewable energy for our home. While not everybody has the space, permissions or even has the appropriately angled roof for this kind of project, it’s definitely something more and more of us are considering - and for good reason, too.

Of course, there’s a way of tackling the cost of living and inevitable cold snap we can all get behind easily and enjoyably: bringing out the blankets and knitwear, and having the perfect excuse to spend the evenings cuddled up on the sofa!

September and October classes and workshops

Get Autumn ready and unleash your creativity in your Interiors;

Sunday 10th September - I'm back at the Folk House for my popular Lampshade Workshop day. Why not join me with your favourite fabrics in the morning to Make-a-small-lampshade or in the afternoon to Create a large lampshade? It’s a fantastic creative course that will result in handmade home decor items to cherish.

Monday 11th September - My much-awaited Folk House Autumn Interior Design Course begins! This course consists of six weeks of Monday afternoons from 5.30-7.30 at the iconic central Bristol venue, where I'll be sharing my expertise on colour theory for interior design and how to create a house palette. I’ll be aiding all attendees in creating a unique floor plan and providing insight into how to consider the flow in a room, best practices for furniture placement and how to pull a room together… and much, much more!

Interested in mastering a home project? I have a six week Winter Interior Design Course that’s set to commence on Monday the 30th of October, and promises to be another fantastic experience with plenty of opportunity for inspiration.

Saturday 16th September - Folk House Interior Design Day Workshop - 10am - 4pm.

I’ve often been asked for a one-day interior design course, and I’m delighted to be finally hosting one at Bristol’s brilliant Folk House. This single-day course will delve into the fascinating world of interior design and colour theory, empowering students to find the confidence to work with diverse contrasting and complementary colour palettes for their homes.

All attending students will be guided through the creation of floor plans for specific rooms, the needs of various spaces, and the importance of lighting and other key features. The sourcing of items - and how they ensure everything ties together- will be discussed, and we’ll go on to explore how to style the room or house for lasting satisfaction and daily delight. Every student’s individual style will be uncovered and explored, and we’ll look into ways to incorporate it into their interiors. This course is aimed at beginners with a keen interest in interior design, and those who may have struggled to implement their passion for design or have felt overwhelmed by the subject matter.

23rd - 24th September - South Bristol Arts Trail

The brilliant South Bristol Arts Trail is back once again, showcasing the amazing creative talents of those living south of the river. I’ll be running a workshop on Sunday at Creative Space Bristol and will have a tabletop from which you can buy my lampshade making kits. I’ll also be available to chat about my work all Sunday afternoon, so be sure to drop by for a natter!

Friday 29th September - Lampshade Workshops Are Back!

I’ll be kicking off my monthly lampshade workshops at Creative Space, following successful previous runs with plenty of happy attendees. You can sign up for my Large or Extra Large Lampshade Workshop, which will run on the 29th from 7-9pm.

As you can see, autumn promises to be as dynamic and busy as ever, and I can’t wait to dive right into the season’s opportunities and meet lots of new people who share my love of interior design.

Diving right back in is definitely key to this month - I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a thoroughly revitalising summer break with plenty of rewarding time with the family. However, it’s now back to work and time to start exploring all the new ideas that have been swimming through my mind. I’m currently feeling excited and inspired after receiving an invite from the fabulous House of Hackney to check out their 2023 Autumn and Winter collections. Ever innovative and immersive, the design house boasts no shortage of stunningly luxurious and rich deep velvet fabrics, statement lamp bases and more… and as you might expect, I’ve got my eye on quite a few of them!

I hope you’re doing well and I look forward to seeing some of you at my upcoming workshops. Let’s make this autumn one to remember.



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