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How to Wallpaper like a Pro

If you follow my instagram feed Hannah on Instagram then you may have spotted that I'm on a mission to finish off our snag list for our home. Our dining area is almost complete, myself and partner tackled the wallpapering with an OK result, however the next biggest area to tackle is our hallway, painting walls to woodwork and wallpapering. As it's just such an awkward space to access and with limited time availability, we decided to hire a professional to wallpaper this expanse. However, I have learnt some valuable tips that I thought I would pass on to you all..

Tip #1 Order all at the required wallpaper at once

Each print run of the same design, even the same colourway will have a slight variation. It's better to order too much than have to order another roll a week or so later when you get round to finalising the dimensions and drops required.

Tip #2 Use Lining Paper

I didn't really agree with this advice, as I thought that if you had a nice fairly even wall surface already that you could skip this step. However, if you're a perfectionist like me and want that perfect finish do consider hanging a medium-weight lining paper on the wall before hanging your wallpaper. This will prevent the wallpaper from creasing or stretching and help the paste to dry faster. Plus, it will give you good practice for hanging the final wallpaper.

Tip #3 Hide Alignment Mistakes

Apply a couple of inch stripe of white paint along the top of the wall (that is if you have a white ceiling!) before wallpapering over dark paint or wallpaper. This ensures that it won't be noticeable if your wallpaper doesn't align perfectly at the top of the wall.

Tip #4 Don't use Newspaper

Don't use newspapers to cover your pasting table. The ink from the wet newspaper could stain the wallpaper and make it unusable. Instead of risking the waste, cover the table with a plastic tablecloth or oilcloth instead.

Tip #5 Use a Plumb Bob or Level

Walls are not usually perfect right angles. I learnt the hard way with this one when wallpapering my daughters bedroom. To ensure that your wallpaper is straight, you will need to make a plumb line from which you measure the alignment of the paper. This can be done by using a special device called a plumb bob or a carpenter's level. Even if you use a plumb bob to make your first line, keep a carpenter's level handy. Use it to double-check that your wallpaper is straight. Otherwise, it could be several strips too late by the time you notice. A carpenter's level can also help you cut straighter when you are cutting strips from the roll.

I hope this top tips have been useful. If you'd like more tips on wallpapering do let me know.

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