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Interiors, Sustainability and Me

I attended a few events in August which have got me thinking about Sustainability and how I need to do MORE, both in my business and my personal life.

The first event I assisted at was a talk about 'Energy' consumption, creation and the changes that need to be made. The talk was in part funded by Art & Energy who are reinventing solar panel technology as an art material for the future. They want to work with people throughout the UK to develop beautiful green energy installations that represent our locality and culture. It was a pleasure to be involved in these workshops. After the discussions (some got very heated!) individuals then turned their energy stories into illustrated designs on fabric and created a lampshade (this is where I stepped in) with the fabrics.

As a family we do attempt to reduce our energy consumption in our house (Scottish Partner helps!), we have all LED bulbs throughout our home, have recently changed all of our cleaning products to Method and have now changed to a Eco Power Company (Bulb if you're interested), however we still have a LOT more changes to make.

I've initiated #sustainableseptember in our house this month ;) My family love me! This was after attending a meeting last week all about how to make your business more sustainable. It was hosted by Get Set For Growth who are part of the Enterprising West of England programme with funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

I LOVED this talk. I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't been to a business 'coaching' session for ages and this seemed a very business like event to attend. However it was definitely worth attending. I promote re-use in my interiors and do offer sourcing from local suppliers and trades as much as I can. However, after this talk it has now got me thinking on a whole different level. The 'Sustainability' aspect of my business is now on my 'TO DO' list, expect to hear more from me on this subject very soon.

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