This is 20cm diameter by 
18cm high lampshade, with a neat hand rolled finish it's ideal for a bedside lamp.

Size of fabric required:

70cm x 30cm

Prices start from £25

The medium lamp is 30cm diameter by 21cm high again finished with neat hand rolled edges. This size can either be a ceiling pendant light shade or turn the fabric the other way and it can be used a lamp base shade.

Size of fabric required:
104cm x 30cm

Prices start from £35

This is 40cm diameter by 18cm high lampshade. This one is
pretty big! 
Again it can either be used as a ceiling pendant or as a statement lamp base shade.

Size of fabric required:
137cm x 35cm

Prices start from £45

Please note that the rough costs provided do not include postage. I will confirm this cost once I know the type of fabric and the size of the lamp you have selected.


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