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This voucher allows the person of your choice to attend a Lampshade making workshop.  I can post the voucher to yourself or directly to the recipient (a digital version is also available which can be emailed).

All the recipient needs to do is visit this website, follow the link to my workshop dates, choose the date they would like to attend then enter the voucher code at check out.  They will then receive an email to confirm the booking.

If the value of the workshop is less than the value of the voucher the difference will be made up by a gift of a workshop kit also being provided.

Small Lampshade Workshop Voucher

  • Hannah will assist you to create your very own small 20cm or medium 30cm diameter drum lampshade, perfect for a bedside table lamp or pendant shade.

    20cm Lampshade - Fabric needed - approx 70cm x 30cm 

    (If you'd like to make the 30cm diameter, please email me to let me know, the difference can be paid on the day)

    Feel free to bring more fabric so we can look at the print placement and discuss the best use.  We will discuss the print placement and help you to trim the fabric to size on the day. Firm cotton fabric works best but if you are unsure, email for further advice.

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